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  • 분류  구인
  • 항목  마케팅-영업
  • 작성자   싱싱ㅎ
  • 19-04-04 14:07
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 Hanguk kitchen ( korean food supplier)에서 Admin 으로 같이 일할 한국인 분을 찾습니다

자세한 세부 사항은 밑에 읽어봐주시고 많은 지원 부탁 드리겠습니다 .

⭐️We are looking for young talent korean admin⭐️

-Working condition

1.49hours work per weeks

2.6days off per month

  sun, ph off day 

 ( 2 sat day half day working /

  2 sat off day )

3.7 day AL

4.salary  2000~2200 (base on experience and language skill)

 -Job description

1. Stock taking of inventories in warehouse 

2. Assist in ordering import shipments 

3. Generate SOAs to bill customers 

4. Manage our Qoo10 e-commerce platform 

5. Assist warehouse manager to Ensure that daily orders of customers are met. 

6. Answer customers’ Enquiries about our services and products

⭐️Contact person⭐️

Choi min chul



이쪽으로 “ 4월15일까지”  연락 부탁드립니다

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